This Black Friday Start a Home Business


This Black Friday Start a Home Business – The Beginning of Freedom!

Don’t miss this Black Friday Start a Home Business event for 2017, Nov. 24 – 27! This is a chance to get in on the ONLY website building / internet marketing university on the planet for their best price offer of the year.

Be excited to know this event happens every year and that you can become an affiliate and share this opportunity!

Discover the best kept secret of business creation of the young 21st century.

Even if you miss this sale, the regular price is still astounding for all that you receive.

But I really think that you don’t want to miss this…

Would You Like to Start a Home Business for 82 cents a Day?

That is correct. Only 82 cents a day.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! It’s a fact that many people have come to know since Wealthy Affiliate came into being in 2005.

Do you believe in the personal freedom of working for yourself, on your own time and your own schedule?

The creators of Wealthy Affiliate do. They have a sale on this Black Friday weekend, and every Black Friday weekend! For $299 per year, you can receive an amazing amount of knowledge and tools to help others find what they’re seeking while at the same time making good money.

This pricing is good from Nov. 24 – 27, 2017. Get the Black Friday pricing and you can be locked into this price for your annual renewal. I definitely took advantage of this. Join me!

In our capitalist society, finding value above and beyond the service and product offered is rare.  But this is one of those opportunities where the product and service offered is FAR above the asking price.

If you’re interested in making great money and helping people find what they’re looking for with your honest effort, read on.


What This Means

What is on sale here today is much more in the way of personal freedom and fulfillment in helping others to achieve the same. Let me tell you what I mean:

  • Are you very tired of reading about how a single product or system is going to save your financial future, if only you’ll pay a small amount of money today??
    • Definitely
  • Are you super weary of reading how some supposed secret-society system, which is only available for the next few hours, is going to save your financial soul??
    • Definitely, definitely.
  • Are you REALLY frustrated at internet offerings that tug on your heart strings, only so you’ll open your wallet? Do you feel that these types of opportunities offer you little return value but somehow make you feel like you’re about to miss out on the next best thing since sliced bread??


Go Directly to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Page for a ton of great information! 

If you don’t yet have an account, just follow the new account info and then the upgrade info, or click here.



Me, too. And I’m not going to give you one of these pitches. But I want to address each of these three areas so you can understand why I am so excited about showing you Wealthy Affiliate!


    • No single system is going to save your financial future, but I want to show that you can definitely change the financial outlook on your life.


  • Wealthy Affiliate is a tool that is definitely going to alter the way you look at working for someone else.

I’m going to show you how you can succeed sitting right where you are now: in front of your computer.

I’m going to tell you right now that this is not some get-rich-quick thing.  This is a big-picture thing that is going to open your eyes to some amazing possibilities.

This is the real deal and a story of ethical work values. With a full-time or a dedicated time commitment, you might see income at about the three month mark. This is definitely doable, even if you can only engage part-time. You just might not start seeing the results as fast with part-time and less than a dedicated effort.

But you most definitely WILL see results with consistent work.


  • This Black Friday deal is a wonderful discount on an already-amazing price. If you miss it today, you’re going to miss out on saving sixty bucks (Black Friday price is $299, and you are locking in this price for your annual renewal).

But the very affordable, awesome and reasonable regular price will always be available to you (regular pricing is first month = $19 as a ‘try-before-you-buy’, every month thereafter $49. Or you can lock in at $359 per year. Annual is a much better deal).

Normally it costs $359.00 per year, which saves you a WHOPPING $229.00 per year when paying the $49.00 per month for 12 months.


  • I don’t need you to feel rushed into purchasing something that isn’t right for you. I want you to read this and supporting material so you can understand how truly valuable this system is going to be for you.

The emotional tug I want from you today is to feel so great about about Wealthy Affiliate and the astounding return on investment that you see the value for yourself.

When you have the time, go to YouTube and listen to some of the videos by made by people with experience with Wealthy Affiliate. The image below will take you to a YouTube search page:





How Can I Use These Tools to Succeed?

Succeed at what, you ask? Succeed in serving people by exactly giving them what they want and getting paid for doing just that. Some people need to make a living doing what I’m about to show you, and some will be in it for extra income. No matter what category you find yourself, I have an exact set of online courses for you to succeed.


You see, this is much more than just some service that lines the pockets of the owners or the people like me who sell the product for the owners. This is a philosophy of being a successful internet marketer or blogger that you will not find anywhere else. Period. I want to share with you this philosophy that is so amazing:

Learn the very simple way that Google and the other search engines are ranking pages. Find the keywords of your chosen niche and create excellent content around those keywords. It is not about learning how to trick search engines.

You see, search engines are designed for one thing: to find the most RELEVANT content around the chosen keyword or phrase. You may have heard about updates to Google’s search algorithms, for example Panda. These are designed to foil the tricks of Blackhat SEO merchants so Google can deliver what a searcher really desires: fulfillment and not forks in the road.


You’ll see right away how you can have a very large impact on the followers of your blog or website.

I will regularly refer you to my full review of Wealthy Affiliate and other posts at my base website, for more detailed information. All of the links that you will find below, except at the very bottom of the page, are links to my review site.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is about internet higher education started by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim of Victoria, BC in 2005. They and the WA staff have built the ONLY online marketing university plus website and domain service available in the world.

You can use the knowledge from these FREE and paid websites and FREE and paid marketing courses for any aspect of your online presence: blogs, hobby and all sort of niche sites (sites that concentrate on selling particular items to a particular online audience, whether affiliate marketing or selling your own products).

Kyle and Carson have always been very active in the WA online forum, and always available to you to personally answer your questions.

What Does Everyone Get With Membership? What Do I Learn?

All paid members receive:

The world’s most secure web hosting environment – No Upsells, ever

  • Support for up to 25 sub-domain names and hosting (sub-domain names included,
    • Can sub-domains rank in the search engines? Oh yes! The site you’re viewing is a sub-domain 🙂
  • Supports 25 top level domain names and hosting (domain names you own) You purchase domains
  • WordPress website creation and hosting, with over 1200 templates to choose, or bring your own
  • Security Certificate websites (https:) and 100% no-scam environment FREE with every website!
  • The internet’s premier web hosting service
    • 24/7 web server monitoring and online support
    • Website health monitoring and reporting
    • Community commenting and feedback on your sites
    • Complete domain name service, support and website integration


World-Class Domain and Hosting Integration – No Upsells, ever

  • Unlimited Data Transfer, Full Redundancy, Daily Backups and Amazon c3.Large servers
  • Sub-domain, domain parking and domain transfer services included
  • Absolutely FREE speed enhancement for your sites
  • Domain Privacy included
  • Transfer complete sub-domain website to top level domain website with a push of a button

Are you seeing a trend here?

Oh…I forgot. You get to use the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool as well. Learn exactly how to use this keyword tool and what aspects are important. So many premium members at Wealthy Affiliate say that this is the only keyword tool they need.

The Very Best Benefit of Wealthy Affiliate

If all of these top-tier website hosting items weren’t enough, you also are a private member to the worldwide Wealthy Affiliate forum, home to HUNDREDS of online marketing EXPERTS and thousands of internet marketers like you.

The above are only the tangible services received. The list that follows is the education about website marketing you receive, directly from Kyle, who has been a highly successful internet entrepreneur since the first days of the internet.


Do you need to be a website expert in order to take this on? Of course not! It’s easier than ever before, and there is plenty of help at WA to get you going!


Go Directly to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Page for a ton of great information!

If you don’t yet have an account, just follow the new account info and then the upgrade info or click here.


Two separate certification courses: Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is the online college of creating a niche website that you can monetize.

5 levels of training, each level encompassing 10 or more video lessons

  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Making Money!
  • Mastering Social Engagement
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation


Affiliate Bootcamp is the online college of how to build a successful website dedicated to the promotion of online entrepreneurship, promoting Wealthy Affiliate. They pay extremely generous commissions. There’s nothing like this on the internet. Period.


7 levels of training with Kyle, each level containing 10 or more video lessons

  • Starting Your Foundation
  • Content, Keywords and Conversions
  • Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand through Media
  • Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo and the Power of PPC
  • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns


But wait, there’s more (I just couldn’t wait to say that line :-))!


  • Membership includes access to live and recorded training from Carson, Kyle and staff member Jay
    • Simply stunning full-service videos from the creators on exactly how to handle your website business
  • Each member (you) has (have) the ability to write lessons and share them with your followers
  • The best of the best at Wealthy Affiliate, the top 200 members, are available as personal mentors
  • There are HUNDREDS of blogs and posts from online entrepreneurs WHO ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE!
  • There are THOUSANDS of free and paid members all over the world that interact with each other every day, and you could be joining them!


Why Are They Giving Away So Much?

Because it’s the right thing to do. Sure, Kyle and Carson and the company are making good money from from Wealthy Affiliate. But that’s ONLY because what they have shared and the sheer number of people around the world that are taking part.

Their internet word searching and marketing expertise plus web hosting environment is the perfect package to help the online affiliate marketer.

If you have a hobby or other blog that you want to share, you’ll learn about keywords and search engine ranking. You’ll benefit from the lessons on aesthetics to keep the reader’s attention and how to monetize your site to help you defray your costs.

You can receive many of the web hosting and domain services elsewhere. SEPARATELY and at much greater cost. Nowhere in the world can you receive a package of this level of completeness.


It’s the Right Thing to Do

It’s the right thing to do. Kyle and Carson know full well what it takes to succeed as an online affiliate marketer. They understandcheckmark like few others on this planet.

But they do this, not because of how smart they are and not because they want to line their pockets with your money, but because they know the intentions of Google and the search engines.

The intentions of Google, Bing and Yahoo are to help people obtain accurate searches without a load of irrelevant results. The goal of the search engines is to provide ONLY relevant information to your search, not allow non-relevant information or tricksters to gain search engine credibility and rankings.

In the past, internet marketers have used loopholes in the system to ‘cheat’ the search engines into showing what they wanted. Google is putting an end to that. 

The Time for Pure White-Hat Search Engine Optimization is at Hand

Each time you hear about an update to the Google search engine, it’s an algorithm change to thwart such Blackhat SEO techniques. Wealthy Affiliate teaches Whitehat SEO techniques. That is the way that internet search is intended.


Now it’s YOUR turn to create relevant content on the internet and be rewarded for just that.


Go Directly to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Page for a ton of great information!

If you don’t yet have an account, just follow the new account info and then the upgrade info or click here.

The Formula

The formula is very simple:

It’s not any more complicated than this.


Find Your Personal Freedom

This is all about helping others find what they need. In the process, you’re able to find that level of personal freedom that you’ve desired for the longest time.

Your new-found freedom comes in the form of 1) working for yourself and NOT others and 2) your ability to scale your business to make any amount of income that you desire.

Learn to spot the honest deal. Wealthy Affiliate is this sort of deal. Pay $299 now and then renew every year at this price!!

I definitely took advantage of this pricing. My annual renewal isn’t due until each year in May. I renewed at $299 the previous Black Friday Home Business event and now I’m locked in. I will now be billed $299 a year each May instead of the full price of  $359 per year 🙂

Remember that the $359 per year price is also a bargain compared to the $49 per month regular fee (that’s $588 per year). So right now I am saving $289 per year by taking WA up on the Black Friday sale.


$588 (annual pricing with monthly fee)

$359 (annual pricing with one-time fee)

$299 on November 24th!!


If you can’t afford the $299 today, you can always sign up for $19 for your first month and then $49 thereafter each month. Or, if you’re skeptical or without money to start, get a free account.

You’ll still receive a large amount of the items and tools listed here with a free account, and definitely enough to start your business and be successful. Many people have done it.

To view the differences between a free and a premium membership, look here.



Get the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal Today!